Slalom Course Information for Boaters

If you have any question, concern, or complaint please send us an email or call 330-461-2751. We will do everything we can to make sure our membership is courteous to other boaters.

Loose / Floating Balls

-If you see a loose ball, please do not re-attach it to the course. Only our members (who have been trained) should be the only people putting balls back on the course. 
-The balls are filled with water on purpose, please do not throw them away! 
-Return any floating/loose slalom balls to:

-Chippewa Lake Side-
132 Heather Hedge Dr

-Gloria Glens Side-
179 Beau Bay Blvd

Operating your boat in the course

- Please do not pull tubes through the course.
- Please do not pull hydrofoils (Sky Ski*Air Chair) in the course.
- Please do not anchor in the course.
- Please do not turn your boat around and drag the rope around a ball.
- Please let your boat settle in the water before turning around and idle back to your skier.