Slalom Course Information for Skiers

Most people never get the chance to even try a slalom course since most slalom courses are located on private lakes. Learning how to go through a slalom course will help you with every other waterski discipline. Learning to get through the course takes time and dedication, its not easy. If you want help please contact any of our board members.

Loose / Floating Balls

-If you see a loose ball, please do not re-attach it to the course. Only our members (who have been trained) should be the only people putting balls back on the course.
-The balls are filled with water on purpose, please do not throw them away!
-Return any floating/loose slalom balls to:

-Chippewa Lake Side-
132 Heather Hedge Dr

-Gloria Glens Side-
179 Beau Bay Blvd

Operating your boat in the course

- Please do not pull tubes through the course.
- Please do not pull hydrofoils (Sky Ski*Air Chair) in the course.
- Please do not anchor in the course.
- Please do not turn your boat around and drag the rope around a ball.
- Please let your boat settle in the water before turning around and idle back to your skier.

General course guidelines

1. Skiers intending to use the course should line up at the northern end of the slalom course.
2. The line for use of the course is by boat, one skier per boat at a time. Each boat may pull one skier through the course then return to the end of the line.
3. Each skier is permitted a maximum of six passes (or three falls) through the course. Then the boat must vacate the slalom course area or return to the end of the line at the northern end of the course.
4. Club members are pleased to assist novices with pointers and tips on driving through the course.
5. On weekends we typically wait until 8:30AM to use the course, allowing the barefooters to finish their skiing.

Mini Course

If you or a family member are in the process of learning how to run the slalom course, you may want to consider learning the mini-course as a stepping stone into the regulation size course. Running the mini-course is great for beginner skiers, it helps to learn the basics of running the slalom course, it's a great confidence booster, and it's just as much fun as running the regulation course. Here's how it works...

1. Instead of the boat running down the center of the boat guide buoys, the driver will want to run a straight path to the right of the boat guide buoys, about half way between the turn buoy and the outside boat guide buoy.

2. You should start slow, 26 to 28 mph for adults, and as slow as 15 mph for smaller kids.

3. The skier will start at the orange turn buoy #1, go through the wakes and turn the two yellow boat guide buoys, go back through the wakes and around orange turn buoy #3, back through the wakes around the next two yellow boat guide buoys, then across to turn buoy #5, and finally around the last two yellow boat guides.

Here is a diagram of both the boat and skier path through the mini-course: