Monday Night Slalom League


1. USAwaterski membership required - $35.00/Person or $170/family

2. $50 is good for 5 ski nights.

3. Must be a CLWA member as defined on Membership Information


On Monday nights we have a Slalom course ski night.

We provide basic instruction.

We supply a tournament ski boat, driver, and observer/coach.

We guarantee one round of skiing which consists of 2 falls or 6 passes through the course. If time permits, second and third runs will be provided. 

Some frequently asked questions:

Q.    Can I ski and then go home? 
A.    Yes, if you supply your own water transportation. Please do not make a wake.

Q.    My son/daughter is skiing, can I come out?
A.    Yes, if we have room. You must have a USA waterski membership to be out on the water.

Q.    What time is pickup.
A.    6:15 @ Cochrane's dock at the end of Heather Hedge.

Q.    Is there a bathroom.
A.    No, please plan accordingly. There is a portajohn at the boat ramp.

Q.    I missed the ride out. Can I get a ride?
A.    Sometimes. We do our best to accomodate everybody.

Q.    Why don't you ski off of a dock on the East side of the lake?
A.    It creates waves on the west side of the lake and we do not have the time to have every person ski across the lake.

Q.    How much does it cost?
A.   $50 is good for 5 nights of skiing.

Q.    Is the water rough?
A.    Sometimes it is rough, sometimes it is perfect. 

Q.    Can I bring my wakeboard or other ski gear?
A.     If there is not a large group of people skiing on that particular night we try to be flexible.

Q.    Do you ski in the rain?
A.    If our boat driver can see, we ski in the rain.

Q.    Why ski the slalom course?
A.    Learning how to run the slalom course builds a great foundation for every other waterski discipline.

Q.    Is a USAwaterski membership required?
A.    Yes. You can buy a "grassroots" membership at this link:

Signing up:

1. Sign up with the paypal link below. You will need to put in your name and USAwaterski number.

2. Once you have paid you will get an email with a link to another page to fill out additional information.